Documents Section

Your Vestwell Saver Portal - Documents Section

Visit the 'Documents' section of your Saver Portal to view and download your plan documents and notices. Click on the This is an image od the documents icon icon to access this section. 

On this page you will find:

  1. Recent plan statements
  2. A list of your Quarterly Participant Statements
  3. Plan Design Documents and Program Notices
  4. Investment comparison charts and investment comparisons

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Recent Documents Section

In the recent documents section, view your recent reports and statements.

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All Documents Section

Personal Tab

Download and review your Quarterly Participant Statements. Filter through your statements by year.

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Plan Tab

Under the plan tab, you will find documents related to your plan design and features. Find documents like your plans' Plan Summary Description' and 'Fee Notices', among many others, under the Plan Design section. Find any investment-related notices in the Program Notices section. Learn more about plan documents and notices.

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Investment Comparison Chart Tab

This page provides important information, including applicable fees and expenses, about the investment options available under your retirement plan so that you can make informed decisions about your investments. Select the 'Download' option on the upper right-hand of this tab. Find information such as:

  • Important information Considerations regarding your investment journey in general
  • Financial glossary of terms 
  • Age-based investment options
  • Risk-based investment options
  • Fund Lineup
  • Your plan administrator's information
  • Disclosures

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