Investments Section

Your Vestwell Portal - Investments Section

The Investment tab of your Vestwell portal allows you to view your Investment portfolio. It can be accessed by clicking the This is an image of the investment icon icon on the left-hand menu bar. 

From this page you can:

  1. View what funds you are invested in
  2. See your investments performance
  3. See your current Investment strategy or change your strategy
  4. View your portfolio target allocations

 This is a screenshot of the breakdown of the investments page

Holdings Tab

In the holdings tab, you can review what funds you are currently invested in. See the fund name, the percentage, and the position the fund holds based on performance.

This is a screenshot of the holdings tab

Performance Tab

View your account's investment performance timeline and percentages. These values factor in the contributions and withdrawals you have made. 

 This is a screenshot of the performance tab

Manage Investments Tab

Selecting the 'Manage Your Investments' link on the right side of your Investments page will allow you to view your current strategy or change your strategy selection between Age-Based, Risk-Based, or Custom Allocation. Learn more about making investment elections.

This is a screenshot of the managed investments tab

Clicking on the 'All Investment Options' link on the right side of your 'Change Your Strategy' window will bring you to the 'All Investment Options' window, where you can see the different investment options you can consider:

  • Custom Options: See the number of available funds 
  • Age-Based Options: Target Retirement based on different targeted ages
  • Risk-Based Options: View the different risk strategies and their risk level

 This is a screenshot of the investment options breakdown

For more information visit the understanding your investment choices article.

Target Asset Allocation Section

This section will show a chart of your profile's targeted allocations and their percentages.

This is an image of the target asset allocation chart

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