Your Vestwell Saver Portal Homepage

Your Vestwell Saver Portal - Retirement Overview Page

When you log in to your Vestwell Saver Portal, you are directed to the 'Home Page', also known as the Retirement Overview Page. It can always be accessed by clicking the 🏠 icon on the left-hand menu. 

From this page, you can 

  1. View your current account balance and your balance over time chart.
  2. Set your deferral election
  3. Manage your investments
  4. Designate a beneficiary
  5. View your most recent contributions
  6. View your year-to-date employee contributions and elect to start a rollover or withdrawal

Retirement Savings Window 

In the Retirement Savings Window, you can view your current account balance and a chart that shows your balance over time.

You can also access the Account Details tab by clicking on the hyperlink in blue. 

Savings Rates

The savings rates window reflects your current deferral elections. Click on the 'Change Savings' option to change or update your deferral elections

Investment Strategy Window

The 'I Am Invested In...' window reflects the current investment strategy you are enrolled in. Clicking on the Manage Investments option will bring you to the update your investment strategy page. 

My Beneficiary Is...Window

The 'My Beneficiary Is...' window reflects your current primary beneficiary election. You choose to change or update your beneficiary election by selecting the 'Change Beneficiary' button. Learn more about beneficiary designations by clicking here

Recent Contributions Section

The recent contributions section lists the most recent contributions by funding source as well as any pending transactions. By clicking the 'All Transactions' button, you will be brought to the 'Transactions' tab on the 'Account Details' page. 

This is an image of the Recent Contributions Section.png

Year to Date Contributions, Withdrawals, and Rollovers

The contribution tracker shows your year-to-date employee contributions amount and percentage. In this window, you may also request a withdrawal or rollover. 

We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us at