My Profile Section

The "My Profile" section hosts:

  • Saver Profile
  • Notification Preferences 

Your "My Profile" section can be accessed by clicking on the profile My_Profile_Section_Icon.png icon on the left-hand side of your saver portal. 

Once in the section, you can toggle through the different subsections, and you can click on the hamburger menu hamburger.png icon to hide the subsections. 

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The "Personal Information" subsection holds your personal information, such as name, date of birth, address, marital status, personal email, and phone number. You cannot change any of your employment information; however, you can edit some of your personal information and specific fields depending on your current employment status with your company. 

The following fields can always be edited by savers regardless of their employment status:

  • Personal email address
  • Personal mobile number
  • Marital status

To edit your personal information, select Edit under the personal information section and update your information. Once you're done, hit Save

Employee Status 

  • Employed savers can edit the following fields:
    • Personal email address 
    • Personal mobile number
    • Marital status - You would need to contact your employer for any name changes or SSN changes

Note: For any name changes or SSN changes, you would need to contact your employer. 

  • Terminated employees can edit the following fields:
    • Address
    • Personal email address
    • Personal mobile number
    • Marital status

Note: For any name changes, SSN, or date of birth, you would need to reach out to

Note: If any changes are made to personal information data, no withdrawals or loans can be processed for up to 7 calendar days due to data verification.

Notification Preferences

In the "Notification Preferences" subsection, you can choose to change your notification settings from the defaulted email option to regular mail. Simply select the desired method and Save to complete. 

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Note: Savers are defaulted to receive notices electronically. If you wish to receive a physical copy of these notices, please know that there is a $5 charge that is assessed quarterly.

If you have any questions, please contact us at