What Happens to My Student Loan Payment Plan and Gradifi Account if I Leave My Employer?

Each employer designs its own SLP (Student Loan PayDown) program, defining eligibility criteria for each one, but in general, SLP Plan contributions will stop if you leave your employer. 

After you leave your employer, your Gradifi account will remain active, and you can continue to take advantage of any of our other programs; you can use our calculators and other student loan resources. 

What if I Switch Employers? 

If you join another company that offers an SLP Plan in the future, you can use your existing Gradifi account. 

Upon receiving the invitation email to your new employer's Gradifi program, click the "Sign Up" button. Once the Gradifi Member Registration page populates in your browser, log in using your existing credentials. Your existing account will now be linked with your new employer's program.