Student Loan PayDown: Guide to Registration and Adding a Loan

This article will take you through how to register and add a student loan for your Gradifi Student Loan PayDown benefit. It includes steps on:

Registering for Student Loan PayDown

1. Click on Your Gradifi Registration Link

To begin the registration process, click on your unique Gradifi registration link. Depending on your employer, you will either receive an email invitation from Gradifi containing this link or you will access this link via a specific webpage as instructed by your employer. Note that your registration link should not be shared with anyone else as it can only be accessed by you. 

2. Create Your Gradifi Account

Fill out the information fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address (personal email is recommended)

Then, create a password. 

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.17.56 PM.png

Once the fields have been populated and a password has been created, select Continue.

3. Enter Your Security Questions

The next section will prompt you to select security questions.

You can choose questions from the drop-down menu and set your answers. Gradifi will use these questions if you ever forget your password.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.20.17 PM.png

Once answers have been filled out, click Continue.

4. Add Personal Information

Next, you will be asked to fill in your personal information:

  • Date of Birth (you must be 18 years or older to register for Gradifi)
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number (personal cell phone recommended as this will be used for two-factor account authentication for extra security)

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.21.53 PM.png

Then click Create Account.

You will then receive an email to the registered email address to verify your account. Once your account has been verified, you can log in. 

5. Adding Your Loan(s) 

The first step to adding your student loan(s) to your Gradifi account is to click Let’s Go!

You only need to add one loan account to get started. However, you can add as many loan accounts as needed via the “Add Account” feature on the Gradifi dashboard.

You can either automatically connect your student loan(s) directly to Gradifi from your loan servicer account or manually add all student loan details. First, we’ll walk through this automatic flow.

Connecting your Student Loans Automatically

1. On the screen, select Connect Loan Account.

2. Click through the acknowledgment screen to allow our integration partner, Spinwheel, to connect to your loan servicer and retrieve select loan account information, including servicer name, servicer address, account number, and name on the loan to verify your account. Additional details, such as loan balance, monthly payment, and interest rate, will also be retrieved when you connect Gradifi to your student loan servicer account. These details will be used to populate the interactive graphs and tools on your dashboard that help you visualize the impact of repayment strategies for your student loan debt.

3. Click Continue on the second acknowledgment screen to allow your student loan servicer to securely sync your loan data with the Gradifi platform.

4. Select your student loan servicer from the servicers listed or search for the name using the search bar. If you can’t find your loan servicer through either of these avenues, it is likely your servicer is not available to be connected directly to Gradifi. Click on “Don’t see your servicer? Click here,” and this will allow you to enter your student loan information manually.

5. Enter the username and password for your student loan servicer account. Depending on your loan servicer, you may need to answer a few other quick security questions, such as "What is the name of your first pet?" to connect.

6. Select the student loan account(s) from your loan servicer that you’d like to connect to Gradifi to receive your employer’s student loan contributions.

7. Since your student loan is now directly connected to Gradifi from your loan servicer account, all the loan details will auto-populate without you having to lift a finger. You have now successfully added your student loan(s) and can start to receive employer contributions according to your employer’s program schedule.

Note: If you have already added a loan account manually to Gradifi and would like to connect this loan account directly from your loan servicer, you can navigate to the “Add Account” widget on your dashboard and follow the above steps. You can select the same loan account you’ve already added manually and Gradifi will only show the automatically-connected loan on your dashboard, not both duplicate loans. 

If you need any further help with connecting your loan automatically, please contact

Entering Student Loan Information Manually

1. If you choose to enter the details of your student loan manually, you will be asked to find your student loan servicer in the populated list as shown below. If you cannot find your servicer, you can enter the name manually.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.24.33 PM.png

Once complete, click Continue.

2. You can then select the address for your loan servicer, where Gradifi will send your employer’s payments, from the populated list or enter the payment address manually if it is not listed. You can usually find this information on your loan servicer’s monthly account statement or on the servicer's website.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.25.24 PM.png

Once the payment address for your student loan servicer has been listed, click Continue.

3. You will be asked to create an account nickname and then enter the name on the loan (your name) and the account number. Depending on which loan servicer is selected or if your employer has any loan type restrictions for their program, you may also be asked to upload a verification document for your student loan, such as a recent billing statement.


Once that has been filled out, click Continue. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Then you’re done!

4. To add a student loan balance, you need to fill out additional required information about your loan(s). You can choose to do this step at this time, or skip it and complete it later on. 

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.27.29 PM.png

Now that your Gradifi account is set up and loans have been added, your employer can start making contributions according to their program schedule. Note that if you have multiple loan accounts, you can enter all of them individually and then designate one as your primary loan account where you would like your employer’s contributions to be sent. 

If you have any further questions, please contact