Inviting Other Administrative Users

You can invite a colleague from within your company or a third-party provider, like a bookkeeper or someone from your payroll provider.  Please take care to only invite individuals who are authorized to take action on your company's behalf.

You can invite other administrative users during the onboarding flow and after onboarding has been completed.

From The Onboarding Flow

During the onboarding flow, you'll always find that link on the bottom, right-hand side of your screen.


Select "Invite someone to help with payroll or administration" and fill in the user's details. Once the user(s) has been added you will be sent back to your onboarding flow to complete your remaining tasks. 

From The Company Tab

Once your plan is onboarded you can add users through the 'Company' tab, to learn how please visit our help article Manage Your Admin Team


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