Plans Section Overview

This article will help you to navigate each of your plans on the platform.

All your plans will be listed as an individual title or card. You may click on each plan to see more details.


Notice on the left side of your screen there is a hamburger menu hamburger that can be used to open and collapse the list of your other plans. You may click on the hamburger to hide that list and maximize your view of reviewing the plan.


After selecting the plan you wish to review from your homepage, a new window will open and you will see a breakdown of that plans:

  • Total Balance
  • Employee Contribution
  • Employer Contribution
  • Rollover
  • Outstanding Loans
  • Average Deferral Rates by Percentages
  • You will also see your Customer Sucess Manager's contact information
  • The Help Center Pop-Up Window will assist with searching for help Center articles


You will also see various tabs you can navigate through to find more information about the plan you selected:

  • Employees Tab: Displays a list of all employees and can be filtered by Eligible, Ineligible, and Separated employees. Learn more about the Employees Tab here.
  • Investments Tab: View the plan strategy breakdown and investment options. Learn more about the Investments Tab here.
  • Documents Tab: Find the plan documents under this tab. Learn more about the Documents Tab here.
  • Reports Tab: Download plan reports under this tab. Learn more about the Records Tab here.

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