Unregistered Employees

An unregistered employee is either currently or soon-to-be eligible (within 30 days of their entry date) to access the saver portal but has yet to register.

Advisors can view their list of all unregistered employees by logging into the advisor portal, navigating to the “Plans” tab, and selecting the plan they want to review. 

Advisors will then see the “View unregistered employees” option on the right-hand side of the page.

The employees list will show the following information:

  • Name & SSN
  • The employee's email address the invite was sent to
  • Email type
  • Status
  • Sent Date
  • Actions
    • Resend Invite
    • View email history 
    • Download the invite as a PDF


Note: The “view unregistered employees” option will only display if there are unregistered participants on the plan. 

The unregistered employee list can also be filtered by email status using the dropdown menu above the list.

To view the definition of each status, advisors can select the “What does each status mean?” button above the status dropdown menu to see the detailed status description.

Registration Email Invite 

Advisors can resend a registration email invite by clicking the “Resend Invite” option.

There are a few essential points to consider when it comes to resending an invite:

  • The registration email invite will be sent to an employee's most recent work email address. If the work email address is unavailable, the invite will be sent to the employee's most recent personal email address. 
  • The “resend invite” option will be hidden on the employee’s records if they do not have a valid email address on their account. 

Important: If an employee's email address shows “missing" status, advisors will not need to resend an invite. Once an email is provided for that employee, Vestwell will send an email the following day.

  • Advisors can only resend an invite to an employee once every 12 hours.

Email History

Employers can also view a detailed history of emails sent to employees. 

In the action menu, select the three dots, then select “email history." A pop-up screen will then display the history of the email invites sent to the participants, the email the invite was sent to, the current status of the email, and a timestamp of when it was sent.

Downloading Invites as PDF 

Advisors can download the welcome invite as a PDF, print it, and physically hand it over to an employee.

In the actions menu, select the three dots, then select “download welcome invite PDF,” which will download a PDF copy of the email invite. 

Here is a sample of the PDF variant of the welcome invite.