Onboarding Section

Note: Vestwell’s onboarding process has been updated as of 6/17. We are currently refreshing the below instructions and materials to reflect the update. We thank you for your patience!

Once you have completed your Onboarding Task Tracker Advisor steps, your client will receive an onboarding email invitation to begin their onboarding process. You will then be able to view the plan's task tracker and keep an eye on their onboarding progress.

How Do I View A Plan's Onboarding Status?

  1. Login to your Vestwell Advisor portal
  2. Select the Onboarding tab 

You will arrive at the Plans In Onboarding page, where you can view the following:

  • Your onboarding plan status
  • Task tracker onboarding status
  • Timeline of activities required for your plans to go live on the Vestwell platform
  • See when activities have been scheduled and completed


How Do I Access The Task Tracker?

You will have temporary access to the employer's task tracker page that will allow you to help complete the plan's task tracker, this is for plans with the 'In Progress' or 'Not Started' status.

  1. From the Onboarding Plans list, select the 'View' button on the plan you'd like to review
  2. You can then hit 'Start Onboarding' or 'Continue Onboarding.' 


To return to your Advisor portal, click on the persona 'Switch Accounts' icon on the top right-hand corner and select your Advisor page. 


Task Tracker 'In Progress' status

When the status of a listed plan shows as 'In Progress,' this means the plan is:

  • Pending Onboarding Questionnaire
  • Pending Employee Census
  • Pending Plan Documents

Will I Have Access To The Employers Portal Indefinitely?

After completing the onboarding task tracker, the role will be removed from your profile, and you will no longer have access to the employer’s portal.