Manage Your Admin Team

You may find the need to invite additional people to help administer your company information, employee list, or payroll activities.

You may invite a colleague from within your company or a third-party provider, like a bookkeeper or someone from your payroll provider.  Please take care to only invite individuals who are authorized to take action on your company's behalf.  

Adding A Team Admin

If you would like to add or edit individuals who are authorized to take action on your company's behalf, you may do so through your Vestwell Employer portal, select the 'Company' tab, then select the 'Manage Admin Team' tab.


From the 'Manage Admin Team' page select 'Add Teammates' a pop-up box will appear, where you can enter the email address of the person you would like to add as an administrator; hit the 'Send Email Invite' button.


You will be brought back to the Manage Admin Team screen, where you can see the status of any added teammate. 

Each person you invite will be sent an email asking them to register for your company's portal. 

Once they complete their registration, where they set up their login ID and Password, they will be able to act as an administrator. 
If needed, you can always resend the email invitation by clicking the Resend Invitation link or remove someone's access by selecting the Remove button. 


During your initial company onboarding, you can invite a new administrator by selecting the Invite someone to help with payroll or administration link.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at