What Does The Plan Executive Summary Contain? (For Employers/Sponsors)

What Is The Plan Executive Summary Report?

The Plan Executive Summary report is a comprehensive report for your plan that provides an overview of the most important activity for the plan over a quarter.

What Information Is Included In The Plan Executive Summary Report?

The Plan Executive Summary report includes:

  • Plan Summary: Here you will find the general plan summary by fund type. 



  • Market Value Of Accounts By Source: This section will show the market value of accounts by source.


  • Forfeiture Account Analysis: See the allocations of forfeiture contributions. To learn more about forfeiture accounts please click here


  • Participant Overview: This section will show a  general overview of the participant's plan contributions.


  • Investment Election Summary: In this section, you will also find the investment election summary breaking down the percentage of invested participant contributions in your investment lineup.


  • Investment Value By Participant Age: Summarizes the different types of allocation amounts by participants in the plan and covers the portfolio and different strategies.


  • Investment Count By Participant Age: This shows how many assets are in each fund broken down by age categories showcased per the number of employees.


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