Plan Executive Summary (For Employers/Sponsors)

What is a Plan Executive Summary?

The Plan Executive Summary report is a comprehensive report for a particular plan that provides an overview of the most important activity for the plan over a quarter.

When is the Plan Executive Summary available?

Plan Executive Summary reports are generated quarterly. A Plan Executive Summary report is generated for a plan if:

  • The plan had a vested or unvested account balance on the first or last date of the quarter OR

  • There were plan transactions with a trade date on or between the first date of the quarter and the last date of the quarter.

A comprehensive summary of the plan is provided in a PDF report that sponsors for the plan can access through the sponsor portal. Sponsors will also receive an email when the report becomes available after the end of each quarter (starting in 2022 Q1).

How do I find the Plan Executive Summary report? 

You can access the report through the link in your email notification or you can find it directly on your Vestwell Employer Portal. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab all available reports will be listed, scroll down till you find your Plan Executive Summary, and click on the link in order to open your report. 


What is included in the Plan Executive Summary report?

The Plan Executive Summary report includes:

  • Plan Summary

  • Market Value of Accounts by Source

  • Forfeiture Account Analysis

  • Participant Overview

  • Investment Election Summary

  • Investment Value by Participant Age

  • Investment Count by Participant Age