How Do I Request A Fund Lineup Change?

Vestwell processes lineup change requests from Advisors who want to make updates at the program level (which will cascade to all plans on that program).

Vestwell will take direction from the Advisor but will not provide any investment advice.

The types of Lineup changes that can be made are:

  • Fund Additions/Removals
  • Allocation Changes

Steps To Requesting Fund Lineup Changes

To get started with these changes, Advisors must reach out to with the desired changes they will be making.

Vestwell can only accept Excel files that will include the exact changes, including what funds are to be removed and added.

For example, If the advisor is removing a fund, they will need to indicate which fund they would like the assets mapped to, regardless of whether there are assets or elections in the fund. 

After submitting the Fund Lineup Changes, these are the following steps:

  • Vestwell will confirm receipt of the changes and begin the process with the custodian, who will provide a timeframe.
  • The Vestwell investment team will follow up with the Advisor, confirming the timing of the fund change(s) and notifications to participants. 
  • Once the changes are made, the investment team will follow up to confirm that the Advisor is able to see the changes in the portal.


The typical timelines to expect changes to be made are:

  • Fund Addition/Removals: This takes approximately 45-60 business days, provided that the lineup is received in good order; this timing includes a required 30-day advance notice to participants before making the changes.
  • Model Allocation Changes: This takes approximately 10 business days provided that the lineup is received in good order; note that all funds must currently be in the lineup. 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to