What You Need To Know To Offer Plans Through Vestwell

We're so glad you are considering or have chosen to partner with Vestwell. While a personal touch can never be replaced with a website, even if it is an awesome website, we hope that you and your clients will visit both your Vestwell plan portal and this help center. Below are several links to assist you, including email addresses for the various teams you will work with here at Vestwell. 

Throughout your journey with Vestwell, you will be working with several of our support teams. Whether you need a proposal for an RFP, a new plan, or help to service an existing plan, you will find the team to support you below.

Helpful email addresses and links:

To learn more about Vestwell's record-keeping platform, click here.

To learn more about product tiers, click here. 

Need an RFP? Reach out to proposals@vestwell.com. 

For new sales, don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at sales@vestwell.com. 

If you are in the process of onboarding a plan and need assistance onboarding@vestwell.com.

If you need help with a plan already on the Vestwell platform, please get in touch with us a clientsuccess@vestwell.com. 

To view all of your plans on the Vestwell platform, log onto your account at our advisor portal: https://signin.vestwell.com/

Other articles here in the advisor help center will guide you through navigating your portal.

See "Navigating Your Advisor Portal"

and be sure to check out the different articles in the 'Your Advisor Portal' section of the Help Center. 

Tips to Help You Get the Most From Our Help Center.  

Our help center is separate from your advisor portal and has three areas: one for you as the advisor (Advisor Support), one for plan sponsors (“Employer Support”), and one for employees ("Participant Support"). So each time that you return to the home page, be sure to navigate to the correct help center.