How to Create a Census If You Don't Have a Copy

Utilize our template to create your census


If your payroll company does not provide a census, you will need to create one by filling out this template. You can also find the template in the onboarding task tracker by clicking on the “census info.”

The following fields are required to be completed:

  1. SSN - Social Security number of each employee
  2. First Name - First name of the employee
  3. Last Name - Last name of the employee
  4. Birthdate - Birthdate of each employee
  5. Address Line 1 - Street address of the employee
  6. City - City of the employee

  7. State - State of the employee

  8. Zip Code- Postal code for the employee

  9. Date of Hire - Date, the employee, was originally hired. (If the date of hire is later than the date of termination, we will treat this as a rehire. However, if your payroll system allows, it is best to report the date of rehire separately so that we will have both the original hire date and the rehire date.)

Formatting Tips

  1. Social Security Numbers - The tool will accept the number with or without dashes.

  2. Numbers - The tool will accept commas and $, so no need to remove them.

  3. Dates - The tool accepts dates in almost any format, such as mm/dd/yyyy, m/d/yyyy, or m/d/yy.

  4. Phone Numbers - The tool will accept values with or without parentheses and dashes.