Why You Must Provide a Census

Providing a complete and accurate census is very important and will help make payroll submissions and reporting easier.

In order to set up accounts for your employees, we need to know who they are! A census is a list of every employee currently employed or employed at any time during the current plan year. Providing a complete and accurate census helps us: 

  1. Collect participant email addresses for registration and ongoing communications*
  2. Calculate accurate participant eligibility dates
  3. Reduce the risk of year-end compliance test failure

*If you indicated in the task tracker that your employees are “wired at work,” meaning they can access electronic documents while working, each employee must have an email associated with them. 

This is the email we will use to send them their registration link and create their account. Once they set up their account, employees may change their preferred email address to a personal one. The email they use to set up their account will become their portal login and is where they will receive upcoming communications. If your employees are not wired at work, it is your responsibility as the plan sponsor to get employees their registration links and send them ongoing communications.

Click here for where to find a copy of your census.

To upload a copy of your census, navigate to the Company Information section of the Onboarding Task Tracker.