Edit Employees During Onboarding

Employers can edit incorrect census data entered during the onboarding process through the Employer Portal. 

Editing your employee data is easy to do, navigate to the Employees tab and select the ‘Edit Employees’ button. 


This will open a grid view that will display all existing employees. 

Employers can edit any of the fields in the grid or upload a new file of employees with new information. For editing one or two fields the grid is ideal, however, uploading a file is helpful when updating bulk employee data. 


Once employee data has been updated hit ‘Save’ 

The ‘Edit Employee’ button will be available prior to the Plan Effective Date. Once the Plan's Effective Date has passed, employers will no longer be able to edit employee information. 

Updates to existing employees can be done through the contribution flow once the plan goes live.

Please note employers cannot delete employees through the ‘Edit Employees’ button nor can employers update an employee's SSN as this is their primary identifier. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at clientsuccess@vestwell.com.