Justworks Contributions

How to export a payroll report from Justworks to upload as your payroll into Contributions.

What is this report for?

In order to process your contributions into your retirement plan, we need two things from your records:

  1. The amount being withheld from each employee's pay, the amount contributed by the employer, the amount of all loan repayments, and the total amount of each employee's gross pay.  We use this information to know how much to transfer from your bank account into the retirement plan.
  2. An up-to-date employee roster to ensure our records have the most updated information about each employee.  This helps us identify who is eligible to contribute to the plan and where to send any required notices/communications.

How to retrieve this report?

Go to the Reports tab (left side, under the Company header)

Choose Retirement from the report options:


Choose the options to create the report

  • Date Range - should be the set for the appropriate pay period
  • Type of Employer Contribution - select the appropriate type if you are making employer contribution each period (if you make you match or non-elective contribution at the end of the year, then leave this as No)
  • Your Retirement Plan Provider - leave this blank
  • Census Information - click select all
  • Payroll Information - click select all
  • Click Generate Report



Click Download Report



Go back to the Contributions tool, click the Upload button and find and select the report you just downloaded.