Understanding Investment Options

Who Selects the Investments in My Plan?

Your Plan Sponsor, Employer, select the investment manager for your retirement plan, which can be Vestwell Advisors, an affiliate of Vestwell, or any qualified advisor. The investment manager selects the appropriate funds based on the needs of your company and other appropriate factors. We also offer a curated set of investment options selected by Cota Street, Capital Directions, Leafhouse, and others.

How Do Vestwell Advisors Select Funds?

For plans using Vestwell Advisors, we work with a sub-advisor to research and select a diversified mix of quality low-cost options. Those investment alternatives are reviewed regularly, and participants are informed of any significant changes. 

Do I Have Control Over My Investments?

As a plan participant, you always control your investments since only you know your investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and how your retirement plan fits your overall savings strategies. We also send you and post in your participant portal various notices and materials that can help you. Depending on your comfort level, we offer different methods to select investments, ranging from risk-based portfolios to a target-date series. Once making an initial selection, you can change your investments at any time by logging into your platform and selecting “Change Investments” on your home screen.

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