Since our platform has an integration with your payroll provider, we can take a lot of work off your plate regarding the processing of your payroll files through automation.

Namely offers a 360° level of integration.

This guide will help you set up your integration as well as help you understand your specific responsibilities for the proper administration and submission of payroll files.

  1. How Does My Integration Work?
  2. Are There Any Reasons Why My Plan Might Not Be Eligible for an Integration?
  3. How Do I Initiate My Integration Setup?
  4. Do I Have To Set Up My Company Deduction And Matching In My Payroll System's Portal? 
  5. What Am I Still Responsible For Updating? 
  6. What Information is Relayed Between Namely and Vestwell? 

How Does My Integration Work? 

Namely uses a 360° automated integration. To learn more about what’s included in your payroll integration, check out this article.

Are There Any Reasons Why My Plan Might Not Be Eligible for an Integration? 

There are some plan design features that currently prohibit the use of payroll integration, including:

  • Plans that have multiple logins into their payroll system.
  • Plans that do not have an established recurring pay schedule setup in both Vestwell and the payroll system.
  • Plans that do not use the same payroll provider for all pay group(s).
  • Plans that have limitations preventing each pay group from being integrated. 
  • Plans that include an hours-based service requirement.
  • Eligibility rules that exclude certain classes of employees, types of compensation, or certain types of hours worked.
  • Plans with per pay period non-mandatory employer contributions.
  • Plans that allow after-tax contributions (only be available if your plan uses a Third Party Administrator). Note: After-tax and Roth contributions are not the same; please see our article "Participant Contribution Types: Differences between Pre-tax, Roth, and After-tax."

How Do I Initiate My Integration Setup?

1. During your onboarding with Namely, choose Vestwell as your retirement provider.
2. Create a Namely Service case via the Help Community to set up your plan's 401k deductions to have the match, if applicable.
3. From there, the Vestwell team will work with Namely to set up your integration. There may be a few action items for you to complete along the way--prompt completion of these action items is crucial to ensure a timely setup!
Please note that until the integration is activated, contribution uploads into the Vestwell portal will be required until our team has notified you that the integration can begin.

Do I Have To Set Up My Company Deduction And Matching In My Payroll System's Portal?

Yes, you are responsible for creating all deduction codes and company matching features and ensuring your retirement benefits are active in your payroll system. 

What Am I Still Responsible For Updating?

  • Making updates in Namely when employees are hired, terminated, or re-hired.
  • Setting up loan repayments.
  • Maintaining and setting up any company-matching features.
  • Maintaining and setting up company-wide retirement deductions for 401(k) Pretax and Roth (if applicable).
  • Make sure any pay groups you have in your payroll system are also set up at Vestwell. See: Add or change a pay group in your Vestwell account.

What Information is Relayed Between Namely and Vestwell?

Namely to Vestwell

  • The Payroll file sends the day after your payroll is due in Namely.
  • The Census file will be sent nightly from Namely to Vestwell.
  • Only employees in benefits-eligible classes will send on the feed - If you have a class set up in Namely that is benefits-eligible but is not eligible for 401(k), let Namely know so they can restrict the employees assigned to this class from sending on the file.
  • The Payroll file works based on deductions - ONLY employees with deductions on their paycheck in Namely will be sent on the feed (Any 1099 EE's, partners, etc., that are not paid in Namely will need to be submitted manually.
  • Profit-sharing contributions are not stored in Namely, and any profit-sharing contributions will need to be reported manually to Vestwell.

Vestwell to Namely

  • Vestwell sends Namely a daily file with any deferral changes a participant makes on the Vestwell platform.
  • Vestwell will be used as the source of truth for all employee deferrals.
  • All changes should be made in Vestwell. The integration will ensure the update is also made in Namely | If deferrals are changed manually in Namely and not in Vestwell, there may be a discrepancy between the two systems, which may cause the integration to fail. 
  • Namely, will apply deferral changes to the next payroll cycle when the participant is eligible to contribute from Vestwell's eligibility calculations.