Since our platform has an integration with your payroll provider, we can take a lot of work off your plate regarding the processing of your payroll files through automation.

Rippling offers a 360° level of integration.

This guide will help you set up your integration as well as help you understand your specific responsibilities for the proper administration and submission of payroll files.

  1. How Does My Integration Work?
  2. Are There Any Reasons Why My Plan Might Not Be Eligible for an Integration? 
  3. How Do I Initiate My Integration Setup?
  4. What Are My Responsibilities If My Plan Has an Active Payroll Integration? 
  5. What Does Vestwell Handle for Me If My Plan Has an Active Payroll Integration?
  6. Will Rippling Charge Me Fees to Set Up and/or Maintain My Payroll Integration? 
  7. How Do I Disconnect My Integration?

How Does My Integration Work?

Your integration is a 360° Automated Integration. This is a two-way integration in which Vestwell will automatically receive certain information about your plan and participants from your payroll system, process employee and employer contributions to the plan, and automatically send your employees’ selected deferral elections from their Vestwell portal to your payroll provider.

Are There Any Reasons Why My Plan Might Not Be Eligible for an Integration?

There are some plan design features that currently prohibit the use of payroll integration, including:

  • Plans that have multiple pay groups.
  • Plans that have multiple EINs.
  • Plans that have multiple logins into their payroll system.
  • Plans that do not have an established recurring pay schedule setup in both Vestwell and the payroll system.
  • Plans that do not use the same payroll provider for all pay group(s).
  • Plans that have limitations prevent each pay group from being integrated. 
  • Eligibility rules that exclude certain classes of employees, types of compensation, or certain types of hours worked.
  • Plans with per pay period non-mandatory employer contributions.
  • Plans that allow after-tax contributions (only be available if your plan uses a Third Party Administrator). Note: After-tax and Roth contributions are not the same; please see our article "Participant Contribution Types: Differences between Pre-tax, Roth, and After-tax."

How Do I Initiate My Integration Setup?

After you process the last payroll proceeding, the effective date of your Vestwell plan, log in to your Rippling portal and add Vestwell as an app from the Rippling Marketplace

  • Login to your Rippling portal.
  • Click App Shop on your left-hand side.
  • Search for Vestwell; alternatively, look for 401k under the column detailed capabilities.
  • Click Connect Account to add the Vestwell app to your Rippling account.
  • Follow through the instructions that will prompt you for your Vestwell Plan ID. If you do not know your Vestwell Plan ID, ask your Vestwell Representative.
  • If you have been integrated with another 401k company, you will need to uninstall it at this time. 

Once you have completed the above, Rippling will reach out to Vestwell directly. 

What Are My Responsibilities? 

Our ability to successfully process your payroll files and administer your plan depends on you! It is your responsibility to:

  • Loans
    • Set up and maintain retirement loans within your payroll system. 
  • Discretionary and/or Profit-Sharing Contributions 
    • Set up and maintain annual and/or quarterly non-mandatory company contributions within your payroll system and upload these contributions through your Vestwell portal. 
  • Mandatory Employer Contributions
    • Set up and maintain mandatory employer contributions that are on a frequency other than on a per-pay period basis.
  • Pay Groups 
  • Employee Status Changes - Payroll System
    • Make updates in your payroll system when employees are hired, terminated, or re-hired.
  • Employee Personal Information
    •  Maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date personal information within your payroll system - including date of birth, social security number, and email address. 
  • Pay Frequency/Schedule Changes
    •  Report any pay frequency or pay schedule changes to Vestwell.
  • Review Payroll Data
    • We rely on you to provide us with correct, updated, and complete data about your employees regardless of whether we receive that data directly from you or from your payroll provider. Regular audits and spot checks of the data provided to us will help you quickly identify and rectify any discrepancies. 

What Does Vestwell Handle for Me If My Plan Has an Active Payroll Integration?

  • Payroll Codes
    • Set up and maintain certain payroll codes within your payroll system.  Because Vestwell manages the codes, do not change this information unless expressly told to do so by your Vestwell Representative. 
      • Pre-Tax 401(k) $
      • Pre-Tax 401(k) %
      • Roth 401(k) $
      • Roth 401(k) %
      • Per pay period Safe Harbor employer contribution
  • Employee Deferrals - First Payroll
    • Four business days prior to your first pay date with Vestwell, we will use the employee deferral rates in the Vestwell portal to set employee elections in your payroll system.
  • Employee Deferral Updates
    • Ongoing deferral changes made in the Vestwell portal by eligible employees will be set in your payroll system within two business days.  
    • If your plan has an auto-enrollment feature, the same guidelines above apply. 
  • Employee Status Changes - Vestwell Portal
    • When you add, rehire, or terminate employees in your payroll system, the changes will be reflected in the Vestwell portal one business day after the next pay date. 
  • Processing Contributions
    • Process employee deferrals and employer contributions which are maintained by the integration shortly after you run payroll in your payroll system. Even if you process your payroll early, Vestwell will never process the contributions file before the actual pay date. 

Will Rippling Charge Me Fees to Set Up and/or Maintain My Payroll Integration?

Your payroll provider may charge fees in conjunction with the integration. Please check with your Rippling representative for more specific details. 

Vestwell will not charge you to facilitate this integration.

How Do I Disconnect My Integration?

If you change payroll providers, it is your responsibility to inform us so that we can disconnect your integration and assess whether integration with a different payroll provider is available. Please reach out to your Vestwell Representative for assistance.

If your plan has been amended or if you are considering an amendment to your original plan documents, please inform your Vestwell Representative to understand what actions on your part will be required to submit and process your payroll files correctly.