Introduction to Gradifi

Vestwell is proud to offer education savings solutions. Our goal is to empower your workforce to achieve their goals by guiding them from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. Depending on your contract, your employees will soon have access to one or more of the following Gradifi solutions:

FinancialCore gets to the root of employees’ financial goals and provides access to both the Learning Center and the Student Loan Refinancing Marketplace - all designed to improve employees’ financial literacy and boost their confidence when making financial decisions.

Student Loan PayDown provides a contribution from your organization to help employees pay down their student loans. Employees also have access to tools and resources to help them learn how to reduce student loan debt today—and increase savings for tomorrow.

College SaveUp provides a contribution from your organization that employees put toward their loved one’s education.

Account Creation 

Setting up your account is easy. It's the first step to getting eligible participants access to your program.

1. Register Your Account 

A registration link will be sent to your work email address. Click Sign Up to go to the "Account Registration" page. 

Fill in your information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address (work email address recommended)
  • Create a Password

2. Review Your Contact Information

After registering your account, click on your name on the top right of your screen. Then select Profile Settings.

Then, select the Contact Information option and review the details listed to ensure the information is accurate.

Upload your company logo in the "Company Details" section (minimum size of 100x100 pixels in jpg. or png. format; square shape recommended).

Note: Your company name and logo will appear in the participants' invitations and participant portal. 

3. Add Team Members as Administrators 

Other members of your team who are responsible for administering your program can be added to your account. 

  • Select Profile Settings and click Administrators.
  • Choose the team member's access level:
    • Full Access: Program creation, edit list of eligible participants, send invitations, and approve statements
    • Limited Access: Give users access to certain tasks based on your selections
    • Read Only Access: Can view reporting but is unable to make changes in the account

4. Setup an ACH Funding Account 

This account is for Student Loan PayDown and College SaveUp. 

An ACH funding account must be set up in the portal to fund contributions and participant fees.

Gradifi will automatically debit funds from your corporate bank account on the seventh business day of the month after the list of eligible participants who will receive contributions has been approved (during the specified timeframe).

  • Select Profile Settings and click ACH Funding Account.

  • Then enter:
    • Tax ID Number 
    • Account Holder Name
    • Account Type
    • Account Number
    • Routing Number 
  • Be sure to update your ACH filter (on the referenced bank account) to grant access to Vestwell Payments Services Trust. 
    • ACH Company ID for Student Loan PayDown: 5464285803
    • ACH Company ID for College SaveUp: 7464285803

Now that your account has been set, you have added team members and an ACH funding account, these are the next steps to consider:

  • Setting Up Your Programs
  • Submitting Eligible Participants
  • Inviting Eligible Participants
  • Updating Eligible Participants
  • Administering Monthly Statements
  • Viewing Eligible Participants Activity