Inviting Eligible Participants

Once you submit your eligible participants and announce your collaboration with Gradifi, you have the option to start inviting eligible participants to begin engaging with the benefit. 

Email Invitation 

Your account arrangement may include sending individual emails to eligible participants.

Before you begin sending email invitations, make sure to:

  • Whitelist and two IP addresses ( and so that email invitations do not get blocked by internal IT firewalls.
  • When you are ready, go to your “Dashboard”.


  • Click the Activate Program button to distribute the emails. 


  • Email invitations should not be forwarded; each email contains a unique link for each eligible participant to complete the registration process.

Registration Link (for Student Loan PayDown and College SaveUp) 

Your account arrangement may include providing a unique registration URL to you.

  • The URL will need to be set up and activated by our Employer Support Team.
  • Once activated, eligible participants can access the link to register.
  • In order to validate their eligibility details, participants must enter their first name, last name and external identification (e.g., Employee ID number) on the URL landing page.
  • If the entered details match the eligibility file, the participant will be guided to the “Member Registration” page to complete the registration process. 


After initiating invitations, you can come back to the “Programs” and “Program Details” to send reminders to eligible participants who have yet to register.