Updating Eligible Participants 

Once you launch your Gradifi offering, you can add newly eligible participants or remove current participants.

Depending on your account arrangement with us, you may be able to automatically transmit an updated file in order to make changes, or you will need to manually enter the changes into the portal.


If you have made previous arrangements with Gradifi we may have assisted you with setting up automatic submissions through secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).


You have two options to update eligible participants:

1. Single Entry 

Enter or remove eligible participants one at a time in the portal.

  • An email invitation will be sent automatically when a new participant is added.
  • To remove a participant, click on “...” next to the name.
  • Then, select “Remove Participant” from the drop-down menu.
  • Ineligible participants will no longer receive communications from us.  


2. Spreadsheet Upload

Enter or remove eligible participants by uploading a revised Excel file.

  • An email invitation will be sent automatically when a new participant is added.
  • Each Excel file uploaded should contain the full population of eligible participants every time (i.e., new participants added; appropriate participants removed).
  • Ineligible participants will receive a notification they were removed from the program, and no further communications will be sent.

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There are additional ways to manage your program:

  • Participant changes can be made from both the “Participants” tab or through the “Details” section within the “Programs” tab. 


  • If a file is uploaded through the “Details” section, it must contain the full eligibility list—not just changes to one specific program.
  • Editing or uploading eligibility updates at least weekly (and always on the last day of the month) ensures new hires have ample time to sign up and terminated participants are removed before the eligibility close date.