Welcome to How Do I..? & FAQ's

Welcome, and thank you for exploring the How Do I..? & FAQs section of the Help Center!

This section is aimed at providing you with step-by-step instructional articles and videos geared around the different processes to get the most out of your retirement plan. 

We start off with Registration & Initial Setup, where you can find out how to register for your plan and learn to navigate through your saver portal. 

In Account Settings, we cover the essential steps to take after registering for your plan, like selecting your deferral amounts, designating your beneficiaries, and more.  

Want to learn about your contributions? Check out the Contributions, Balances & Plan Documents section. 

Dive into all of your investment options in the Investments Overview section and learn how to rollover funds into your Vestwell account in the Rollovers & Withdrawals section. 

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