Submitting Off-Cycle Contributions

Off-Cycle Contributions Video Tutorial

If you need to submit a contribution not tied to a regular pay cycle, submit an off-cycle contribution.

From the "Contributions" page, select the Other Actions button. Then, choose Off-Cycle Contribution from the drop-down menu.

You must select the "Pay Group" (if applicable) and enter the corresponding "Pay Date" for the submission before clicking Continue.

Similar to submitting a regular contribution, you will have the option to manually enter the data directly into the contribution grid, upload a payroll file, or copy from a previously completed payroll contribution submission.


Once you've entered or uploaded your submission, select Send & Validate.

Note: If you see any of the fields highlighted in red, you must correct the information or delete unrecognized employees from this grid before moving forward. If there are any new participating employees on your upload file, you can add them while processing your contribution. For more information about adding new participants, click here.


From the "Review Submission" page, you can review and confirm the details of your submission.

Select from the following to continue:

  1. Edit Submission: Go back and make further edits to the submission.
  2. Cancel Submission: Delete the submission and start over.
  3. Complete Submission: Fully submit the contributions entry.


Off-cycle contributions will be clearly labeled on the Contributions dashboard for easy identification.


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