Why Is My Contribution Amount $0?

There are several reasons why your contributions may show $0.

You have just uploaded your contributions file, and you see a $0 total contributions amount on the confirmation page.


While at times, it's possible that a submission may not contain any actual contributions, often, this is not the case, and a $0 total amount is not expected.

Below are several reasons why you may see an unexpected $0 total contribution submission:

The uploaded file has contribution data in a column that Vestwell does not recognize.

  • Please check all the column headers that have the expected contribution data. You can refer to the default list of headers that Vestwell accepts; this article specifies the headers.
  • Update the columns accordingly and re-submit the contributions file. To learn more on how to edit submitted contributions in this article.

You accidentally entered contribution amounts into the wrong column

  • Please verify that the contributions are entered into the appropriate column.
  • Edit your contribution records and re-submit once the information has been verified. To learn more on how to edit submitted contributions, please see this article.

Your plan does not allow a specific contribution type; therefore, it is not processed during a contribution submission.

  • This is a less frequent cause.
  • If you feel that your columns are named correctly, and you entered contributions properly but do not see any contributions come through, then your plan design may need to be reviewed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at clientsuccess@vestwell.com.