Common Reasons for Payroll Delays and Best Practices

Payroll issues occur for a number of reasons, some of which must be resolved more quickly. However, there are ways to avoid payroll delays. 

Common reasons for payroll delays

Some of the most common reasons for payroll delays that occur are:

  • Incomplete employee records.
  • Running payroll late.
  • Invalid bank information.
  • Pay group changes that have yet to be communicated to Vestwell.
  • Unexpected system delays.

How to avoid payroll delays

Most payroll mistakes can be avoided with proper planning.

To avoid delays, consider:

  • Making sure census data is accurate in the payroll system as well as on the file submitted to Vestwell (i.e. updated employee information, new hires, terminations, etc.) To learn more about formatting and updating your census, please click here.
  • Making sure to double-check payroll data
  • Making sure bank information is current and up to date on the Vestwell system (you can check bank information on your sponsor portal)
  • Making sure we have all active pay groups correctly set up (this can be viewed under the sponsors portal). To learn more about pay groups, please click here.

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