Employees Page

Employees Page Video Walkthrough

Employee View

The "Employees" page lists all of the employees in your plan.

Here, you can view each employee's status, entrance date, year-to-date employee contributions, year-to-date employer contributions, Roth deferral, and date registered. 


On the employees page, you will have the option to add employees, edit employees, and download your employees report. Check out our resources to learn more about how to add employees.


You will also notice a circle next to each employee's year-to-date contribution amount. Hovering over the circle will allow you to see what percentage the employee has contributed based on the permitted year-to-date amount.

The circle will fill in with green color the more the employee contributes. Once the circle is filled, it will turn red, indicating the employee has over-contributed. 


Note: The registered date in this view shows an employee registered to access the saver portal. 


You can search the list of employees by typing a name into the search bar. You can also use the status drop-down to filter by eligibility type, including eligible, pending, awaiting date entry, ineligible, terminated, and terminated with balance.


Detailed Employee View

Click on the employee’s name for additional information, including:

  1. Registration Date - Verify when an employee registered for the participant portal by looking at the status noted below their name.
  2. Employment - View and edit the employee's Hire Date, Termination Date, or Rehire Date accordingly. 
  3. Eligibility - This section will show if the employee is eligible and the date the employee entered the plan.
  4. ID & Contact Info - View or edit employee information; learn more here.
  5. Account Sources - View the account total and all the different ways funds have entered the account, including rollovers, employee contributions, and employer contributions, as well as Roth and Pre-Tax contributions if any.

There are tabs at the bottom of this screen that will allow you to review the employee's balance, transactions, holdings, performance, statements, and loans. 

Balance Tab

View the employee's balance breakdown by contribution balance, rollover balance, employer contribution balance, and any outstanding loan balance. 


Transactions Tab

View the employee's completed transactions, such as employee and employer contributions. These can be filtered by date and contribution type. 



Here, you can view what funds the employee is currently invested in. View the fund name, the percentage, and the position the fund holds based on performance. 



View the employee's account investment performance timeline and percentages. These values factor in any contributions or withdrawals the employee has made.



View the employee's quarterly participant statements. These can be filtered by year. 



View the employee's available loan amount, any outstanding balance, and if the employee is allowed to take a loan.


If you have any questions, please contact us at clientsuccess@vestwell.com.