How Do I Add, Change, or Remove a Pay Group?

Adding a Pay Group

To add a pay group login to your Vestwell employer portal, navigate to the "Contributions" page.

From the "Contributions" page, click on the gear icon mceclip0.png. This will bring you to the "Payroll Setup" page.

From here:

  • Click on Add Another Pay Group.
  • Add the pay group's name.
  • Select the corresponding pay schedule you wish to use.
  • From here, locate the "Available Bank Account" section. You may choose to select another bank account from the options listed, or you can add a new account by selecting Add Account.
    • If you choose Add Account, select how you want to link your bank account. This can be done via "Direct Bank Connection" or "Entering Bank Information."
  • Once the prompts are complete for the desired "Add Account" method, click Save Pay Schedule to complete. 


Edit a Pay Group

From your "Payroll Setup" page, locate the pay group you want to modify and click Edit.

From here:

  • You can update your pay group's name by clicking the Pay Group Name field and typing in the new name. 
  • You may update your pay schedule by clicking the dropdown and selecting the corresponding pay frequency. 
  • You can also update the bank account where your contributions are drawn. 
  • After you have consolidated your data, select Save Pay Schedule to complete. 


Removing a Pay Group 

From your "Payroll Setup" page, locate the pay group you want to remove and click Edit.

From here:

  • Select Remove Pay Group.
  • Select the reason for removing the group:
    • No longer used
    • Duplicate pay group 
    • Erroneously added
    • Other (if selecting other, enter a reason for deactivating the group)
  • A confirmation message will appear once the pay group has been successfully removed.

There are a few points to consider when removing a pay group.

  • Employers will no longer have access to a removed pay group.
  • If only one listed pay group exists, the "Remove Pay Group" option will be disabled.
  • When removing a pay group, you cannot create a new one with the same name.
  • Historic contributions from deactivated pay groups will still be visible. However, a contribution cannot get started under the deactivated pay group.

Missing Contributions

Before you can delete a pay group, a disclaimer will remind you to confirm there are no outstanding past missing contributions left to process. 

If there are missing contributions, the pay group can still be removed. However, you cannot remove a pay group if there are in-flight contributions (i.e., incomplete contributions.)

Integrated Pay Groups

You cannot remove integrated pay groups.

What If My Integration Is Enabled?

If your pay group has an enabled integration, you cannot edit the pay group name or add a new pay group. Visit our article "How Do I Change My Pay Group With An Enabled Integration?"

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