Changing My Plan Design

As a Plan Sponsor of a tax-qualified retirement plan, you are always required at all times to operate your plan according to the rules and plan provisions set forth in your plan document. In case you forget what those provisions are, you can always review the  Adoption Agreement, which is stored in your Vestwell Plan Sponsor Portal. 

Circumstances change and you may want to change some of your plan features, too. To do so, however, federal law requires you to first complete a plan amendment. As mentioned in your Plan Adoption Agreement Guide, which was provided to you during onboarding, there are certain plan features that cannot be changed until the start of the following plan year, other provisions that can be changed mid-year, and some provisions that can only be changed prospectively for new participants. 

How can I amend the plan provisions?

If you are interested in amending your plan, the first step is to please email  Plan amendments can take time to prepare and to sign and some require sending advance notice of the change to participants, so be sure to allow for plenty of time on your end to complete the amendment process. Our team will assist you with the next steps.

Important Amendment Request Deadlines

In order to timely process any plan amendment, you must submit your amendment request by certain deadlines. 


We hope this information is helpful, if you have any questions, please contact us at