My Plan Page

My Plan Page Video Walkthrough

Learn more about your plan's investment options and required annual testing

The My Plan section of your portal includes four tabs:

  1. Plan Documents, Notices, and Forms
  2. Investment Options
  3. Annual Testing

1. Plan Documents, Notices, and Forms 

Plan Documents pertaining to the make up and function of your plan, like your plans' Adoption Agreement and Plan Highlights, can be found here. Plan Filings like your plans form 5500 from previous plan year(s) can be found here as well. 

You will also find any plan amendments and fee notices can be found in the sponsor notices section. Notices and forms sent out in communication to the employees in the plan can be found in the participant notices section. Finally, any investment-related notices can be found in the program notices section. 


2. Investment Options

Visit this section for detailed information about the investments offered in your company’s plan, such as their expense ratios and performance data.


3. Annual Testing

Annual testing refers to the required compliance testing all plans must undergo at the end of a plan year. Depending on how your plan is set up, you may need to use this section of your portal to submit and review information for testing and track your testing status. For more information on year-end testing, click here.

Testing Status - This section shows your status during the year-end testing process

  1. Initial Data Collection - In this stage, we are waiting for you to submit your year-end census, questionnaire responses, and principal employee.
  2. Data Review - At this point, Vestwell is reviewing your data to look for discrepancies or missing information. This process will take about two weeks. If we find anything we need your input on, we will let you know.
  3. Test Execution - In the final stage, Vestwell runs tests on the data you submitted

Year-End Task Tracker - This shows which tasks you must complete during year-end testing

Documents for Review - Vestwell has provided these documents for you to review. Any action items relating to these documents will be communicated to you directly.

Documents for Vestwell - Upload any additional documents that have been requested here. If you have not been asked to provide any additional documents, you do not need to do anything.


4. Forfeiture Settings

Forfeiture is the non-vested portion of a participant’s account that they leave behind when taking a plan distribution, such as after separation of employment. Those leftover account balances are moved to the plan’s forfeiture account.

In the Forfeiture Settings tab, you may select the method in which you would like to use for any forfeiture balance that your plan may accumulate. You can use your plans forfeiture to:

  • Offset Employer Contributions
  • Offset Plan Fees


Employers can only see their forfeiture account balance during the manual contribution submission process on the Review Submission page

To learn more visit our Forfeiture Usage article. 

If you have any questions please reach out to