An Overview of the Invoices Page

Invoices pertaining to your plan can be accessed through the “Invoices” page in your Vestwell employer portal.

This article will give an overview of the “Invoices” page, how to navigate to it, and how to access recent and historical invoices. 

Navigating to the “Invoices” Page

  1. To access the “Invoices” page, start by logging in to your account
  2. From your home page, click on the diploma icon My Plan Page Navigation on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  3. From the “My Plan” page, click on the Invoices button listed at the bottom of the page navigation on the left.

The Employer Invoices Page

The Employer Invoices Page

Viewing Invoices 

From the “Invoices” page, you will be able to:

  • View recent invoices
  • View all historical invoices by easily filtering for any specific invoice(s)

Viewing Recent Invoices

Invoices are uploaded quarterly to this page. Invoices underneath “Recent” are ordered by date, from most recent to oldest. 

Viewing previous invoices

To view a recent invoice, click on View in the container with the invoice title and issue date. This will pull up a PDF version of the invoice. 

Select the 'View' button to see an invoice

Viewing Historical Invoices

To view historical invoices through filtering, click on the dropdown arrow under “Period.” Select the year in which you are searching for. 

Filter invoices by year

All invoices from that year will be listed underneath “Documents.” To view an invoice listed, click on the PDF button next to the corresponding invoice. 

Select 'PDF' to view invoice

If you have any difficulties locating an invoice, please contact