Understanding Retirement

The benefits package you offer employees is an important part of finding and retaining talent at your business. Offering benefits like a 401(k) is a huge perk for your employees. 

A 401(k) is a type of company-sponsored retirement plan designed to help employees save for retirement. Employees contribute a portion of each paycheck pre-tax to their 401(k), and employers can also commit a certain amount of funds depending on the type of account. 401(k)s are tax-advantaged, so taxes are deferred until employees withdraw money from the account.

As an employer, you can sponsor several different types of retirement plans for your employees. 

We know that retirement can be confusing, and retirement education for both you and your employees is very important - that’s why we’re here to help!

Below are some materials that you can leverage to better understand plan types, common investment options, and more.

Investment Options

Fiduciary Responsibilities

401(k) Types

Be sure to reach out to your Vestwell representative and ask about other ways (enrollment calls, webinars, etc.) they help you and your employees on your retirement journey together.