How Do I Navigate Through My Portal?

Learn how to navigate your dashboard, set your contribution amount, select your investment strategy, designate a beneficiary, etc.

Retirement Summary

This page gives you quick stats on your plan by showing you how much you've saved so far. It also allows you to:

  • Change your savings rate
  • Start the rollover process
  • Change your investing strategy

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Set Your Savings

You can set the amount you want to save towards retirement on this page. Just choose a percentage (or a dollar amount, if your plan allows it) that will be deducted each pay period, and you will be on your way to saving!

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Account Details - Balance Page

The Account Details page will break down your current balance into all the different money sources, such as your contribution, rollover funds, employer contributions, and outstanding loan amounts.

You can also quickly access statements from this page.

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Account Details - Transaction Page

You will see the recent transactions per pay period by clicking on the transactions tab within Account Details. You will also be able to know when that transaction was completed. Then, by clicking on the + sign, you can expand on the date and see precisely what allocations your contribution is going towards.

This page can also be filtered by date and type of transaction.

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Investment Holdings

This tab shows how your portfolio is divided between investment vehicles, the underlying funds, and any account transactions.

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Account Growth

This tab lets you view your account's growth, considering cash flow from deposits and withdrawals.

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Here, you can view your plan documents, such as annual notices and all required documentation about your plan. View your recent papers as well as older documents.


  • Personal: This tab will show you all your personal plan documents separated by each quarter.
  • Plan: This tab will show your current plan features, fees, and notices related to investment and funds.
  • Investment Comparison Chart: This tab provides information about investment options available under your retirement plan, including applicable fees and expenses.


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If you are currently employed, you can edit your personal email address, mobile number and marital status. For any other personal information that needs to be updated, please reach out to your employer. 
If you are no longer actively employed, you will be able to edit your personal email address, mobile number, marital status, and physical address. If you have trouble changing any of your personal information, contact customer support at to make any changes to personal information that you are unable to edit.

Note: As a security precaution, when your personal information is updated, you may be temporarily restricted from taking a withdrawal or loan for up to 7 days. We recommend regularly reviewing your personal information to confirm that it is up to date.

Login & Security

To navigate to the Login & Security page, click the shield in the top right-hand corner.

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From this page, you can reset your password or modify your two-factor authentication settings. 

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