How to Request a 401(k) Withdrawal

  1. To request a withdrawal, log in to your Vestwell account:
  2. On your "Retirement Overview" page, click Withdrawals & Rollovers and select Withdraw from Balance.

401(k) Withdrawal Request FAQ's

What is a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are when you take money out of your retirement plan. To learn more about withdrawing funds and required minimum distributions, visit the IRS website here.

How does a withdrawal request work?

First, you will fill out the "Withdrawal Request" form on the portal. The options you see in the document will be limited based on what your plan allows, your current balance, your employment status, and other factors. 

Once you have completed and submitted the form, we will go ahead and process your request and send the funds to you or your specified rollover account.

What is the timeline for processing a withdrawal request?

Your funds should reach their destination within ten business days of submitting your request. Once we receive your request:

  1. We will review your request to see if it is valid and meets all plan rules. This can take up to 5 business days.
  2. We will sell your investments to generate the amount you asked for. This takes 2-3 days from the day the trades are initiated.
  3. We will issue the payment. This takes 2-3 days via ACH. If you request a check, it will be sent via regular mail.

What are the associated fees and potential tax implications?

The fee amount for processing withdrawal requests can be found in your annual fee disclosure notice. Your fee disclosure notice can be accessed in your saver portal in the All Documents" section under the "Plan" tab. See below. 

Platform screenshot

Your withdrawal request may have tax implications. Vestwell is not a tax advisor; we recommend you consult a professional with any concerns.

Further Reading

Leaving your job does not necessarily mean that you need to move your funds. To learn more about what to do with your 401(k) after leaving your company, visit: Why Keep My Funds with Vestwell?

We hope this information is helpful. If you would like further assistance, please contact us at