How to Request an Auto-Enrolled Contribution Withdrawal

Note: Auto-enrolled contribution withdrawals are also referred to as "QACA withdrawals," "EACA withdrawals," or "Auto-enrolled refunds."

1. To request an auto-enrolled contribution withdrawal, log in to your Vestwell account:

2. On your "Retirement Overview" page, click Withdrawals & Rollovers and select Withdraw from Balance.


3. Then, from the “Reason for this withdrawal” drop-down menu, select I want to withdraw funds that were automatically contributed.


4. You will be directed to complete the following:

      • Select a distribution method
      • Select a delivery method
      • Review contact information
      • Agree to the terms and conditions


5. Once your selections have been made, click Submit Withdrawal Request. A pop-up will appear. If you would like to proceed, select Yes.


6. Review your withdrawal request information and select Confirm Request.


7. Our Operations team will then process the auto-enrolled contribution withdrawal request. Once your account is liquidated, the funds will be sent via the selected delivery method to the address on file.

Note: An auto-enrolled contribution withdrawal request will only be available if submitted within 90 days of your first auto-enrolled contribution. Additionally, this request is only available for plans that auto-enroll their employees and allow permissible withdrawals. Not all plans permit their auto-enrolled employees to withdraw their auto-enrolled contributions.