Reports Section

From your Vestwell portal, navigate to the 'Reports' tab, here you can run different types of reports for your plans. 

There are different sections from which you can run reports.

Practice Level Reports

Run reports for your entire book at Vestwell

  • Plan Details: Contains your listed plans, plan status, employer and employee year-to-date contribution total, total plan balance, participant rate, etc.
  • Employee Report: This will provide a breakdown of all employee information, plan status, eligibility status, investment elections, etc.
  • Investment Program Overview: Contains plan name, program name, investment type, if risk models are available, etc.

Plan Level Reports

From the Plan Level Reports Section, run detailed reports by 'Plan Name.' Download individual plan reports containing:

  • Plan Details: Find plan name, plan status, employee and employer year-to-date contribution, plan balance, etc.
  • Investment Model Overview: View model name, model type, risk level, years to retire, etc.
  • Investment Model Details: View investment type, strategy name, fund name and category, target allocation, etc.
  • Assets by Fund: Contains funds names, funds symbols, total units, and total values.
  • Employee Details: View plan name, plan status, employee information, registration status, current balance, Pre-Tax and Roth percentage, etc.
  • Employee Investment Performance: Find employee information, eligibility status, investment elections, previous returns, etc.
  • Employee-Specific Reports: This option allows you to run employee-specific reports

Employee Specific Reports

To view employee-specific reports, scroll to the company name and select 'View' under the 'Employee-Specific Report' column. 

The Employee Reports screen will display, from which you can use the search bar to find specific employees.

Reports that can be downloaded from the Employee Reports view are:

  • Contribution Summary
  • Holding Reports
  • Transactions Reports

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