Employee Educational Materials

We are thrilled that you have chosen to work with Vestwell. We know that you have many recordkeepers to select from, and it is a privilege to partner with you. Our goal is to support you with educational materials for your clients and meetings. We are continually building our library, so check in often to see what is new.

Please find links to printable employee-facing materials below. Remember to check with your broker-dealer and compliance teams for approval to use these materials.

Enrollment Overview: High-level 2-page employee education piece covering the basics of:

Why Save for Retirement: High-level 1-page employee education piece covering the basics of:

  • Some facts on how Americans aren't saving enough
  • Why saving for retirement makes sense¬†
  • How even $50 a week could add up over 20, 30, or 40 years

Ins and Outs of a Rollover: 2-page employee education piece covering:

  • What is a rollover
  • How Vestwell can help
  • Why they may want to consider a rollover into their Vestwell account
  • What are their other options

What To Do If An Employee Has Recently Left Their Job: High-level 1-page employee education piece covering:

  • Their options for their retirement plan
  • How to Submit a rollover/withdrawal request