Employee Educational Materials

We are thrilled that you have chosen to work with Vestwell.  We know that you have many record-keepers to select from, and it is a privilege to partner with you.  Our goal is to support you with educational materials for your clients and meetings; we are continually building our library, so check in often to see what is new.

Below please find links to printable employee-facing materials.  Remember to check with your broker-dealer and compliance teams for approval to use these materials.

Enrollment Overview - High-level 2-page employee education piece covering the basics of:

  • What is a 401(k)?
  • How Do I Select Investments?
  • How Much Should I Contribute?
  • How to contact Vestwell for Assistance
  • The Spanish version, click here.

Why Save for Retirement - High-level 1-page employee education piece covering the basics of:

  • Some facts on how Americans aren't saving enough
  • Why saving for retirement makes sense 
  • How even $50 a week could add up over 20, 30, or 40 years

Ins and Outs of a Rollover - 2-page employee education piece covering:

  • What is a Rollover
  • How Vestwell can help
  • Why they may want to consider a rollover into their Vestwell account
  • What are their other options

What To Do If An Employee Has Recently Left Their Job - High Level 1-page employee education piece covering:

  • Their Options For Their Retirement Plan
  • How To Submit A Rollover/Withdrawal Request