Let's Get Started

Note: Vestwell’s onboarding process has been updated as of 6/17. We are currently refreshing the below instructions and materials to reflect the update. We thank you for your patience!

Welcome Aboard!

We’re thrilled to be working with you and look forward to delivering a great user experience.

As you set up your plan, we are sure you’ll have a lot of questions. Our help center is designed to assist you every step of the way, starting with our onboarding guide. To get started, we’ll walk you through: 

  1. Registering Your Account on the Plan Sponsor Portal
  2. Onboarding Task Tracker
  3. Understanding Census and Payroll
  4. Navigating Your Portal
  5. Supporting Employees Through Onboarding

Registering Your Account

The first step of onboarding is creating your login. By now, you’ve likely already created a login, but if not, check your inbox for an email with a registration link that will bring you directly to the account set up. If you can’t find your link, email us at onboarding@vestwell.com  

Tips to help you get the most from our help center.  

Our help center is separate from your plan sponsor portal and has two areas, one for you as the plan sponsor (“Employer Support”) and one for your employees ("Participant Support"). So each time that you return to the home page, be sure to navigate to the correct help center depending on whether you’re visiting in your role as employer or employee. 


Below the "Employer Support" tab, you will see multiple sections broken down by topics. For our newest clients, you’ll want to focus on the "Employer/HR Onboarding Guide.” You can view the five subsections listed above by clicking on "See All Articles.” Most articles are short and offer useful "how-to’s" with videos and/or screenshots. Our last article - "Plan Adoption Agreement - A Guide" - is long, yet full of important information. If you have questions during the onboarding process, it’s a great document to reference.

To continue through articles in chronological order, simply click "Next Article" at the bottom of each page. However, you can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions by typing them into the search field.  

We’re Here to Help! 

While we encourage you to leverage our help center as needed, if you ever find yourself requiring more personalized assistance, our dedicated team of customer success managers is here to help. Simply “submit a request” on the top right of your help center, and someone will respond within 24 hours.