What Do I Need from My Previous Provider?

Plan Conversion

We will need a few documents from your current provider, to ensure a smooth transition. After the below documents are received, we will provide an updated Plan Adoption Agreement for finalization.

  • Current plan documents - Including your Basic Plan Document, Adoption Agreement, Summary Plan Description, and Loan Policy (if applicable)
  • Census from current retirement plan provider, including terminated participants - Should include social security numbers, first and last name, dates of birth, dates of hire, dates of termination, dates of rehire, and compensation
  • Information on participants with open loan balances (should be on census)
  • Prior year compliance test results - Including but not limited to ADP/ACP Testing Results, Top Heavy Test, HCE/NHCE Determination, 410(b) Coverage Testing

If your organization is undergoing a transaction such as a merger or acquisition, we will need additional information at the request of our compliance team.