Match FAQs

My Match Documentation Has Been Approved; Why Is the Contribution Payment Date So Far in the Future? Can This Contribution Be Made Sooner? 

Deadlines for match approval and related contribution disbursement dates are determined by the plan rules set by your employer. Any match documentation approved after a quarterly deadline will result in the contribution being sent with the following quarter’s contribution date. We are unable to change when match contributions are sent. 

My Match Submission Documentation Was Invalidated by Gradifi. How Can I Fix This? 

If the match documentation you submitted in your Gradifi account was not validated, you will receive an email notification from our team. The sender of the email will be The email notification will include the reason for invalidation. 

Common reasons for a loan to be invalidated include:

  • The document submitted shows a scheduled or pending payment.
    • Match documentation must show a complete and posted payment.
  • Payment amount or date invalid.
    • The payment amount and date of payment you enter on the website when submitting your match documentation must match exactly with the information included.
  • The document is missing the required information.
    • To be validated, your match document must contain at least the last 4 digits of your loan account number, the date the payment was made, and the payment amount.

I Was Eligible for a Prior Year Program but Did Not Receive the Benefit. Am I Able to Receive the Missed Benefits From a Prior Year Now? 

We are unable to retroactively apply benefits for previous years' programs. Each year, there is a schedule with quarterly deadlines for match documentation and approval. After these deadlines pass, any approved submission will be applied toward the following quarter's payment schedule. If the final quarterly deadline for the year is missed, then you will need to wait for the next year’s program to open.