Welcome To Your Vestwell Employer Portal Homepage

Homepage Walkthrough

When you log in to your Vestwell Employer Portal, you are directed to the "Home Page," also known as the Overview Page. It can always be accessed by clicking the 🏠 icon located on the left-hand menu. 

From this page, you can:

  1. See your Plan's Current Market Value
  2. View Eligible Participants
  3. View the participation rate among eligible participants
  4. See the amount of your most recently submitted payroll contribution
  5. The next planned payroll date
  6. Total number of participants with balances in the plan
  7. Plan to-dos

Current Market Value Of Plan Window

In this window, you can see the share price available at the previous day's close. Transactions conducted today are not included. 


Eligible Participants Window

This section will show the number of eligible participants as of the most recent entry date. Learn more about eligibility here


Participation Rate Window

View the percentage of eligible participants that have a non-zero deferral. 


Most Recent Submission Window

In this window, you can view the total employee and employer contributions from the most recent payroll submission. Clicking on the right plus button will allow you to see the "Employee" and "Employer" breakdown. 


Note: This may not reflect the submissions processed outside of the Vestwell platform (for example, payroll corrections). 

Next Payroll Date Window

In this section, you can see your "Next Payroll Date." This date is based on the pay schedule set up during your Payroll Setup


Participants With a Balance Window

This window shows the number of participants with balances.


Plan To-Dos

This section will remind you of any pending tasks that have not yet been completed. 

We hope this information is helpful, if you have any questions, please contact us at clientsuccess@vestwell.com.