How To Edit or Cancel a Contribution?

When submitting a contribution, you will have the option to edit or cancel your submission. 

How Do I Edit Contributions?

When submitting a Contribution, the 'Edit Submission' button is located in the 'Review Submission' window just before completing a contribution submission. Hitting the 'Edit Submission' button will bring you back to the contributions grid screen to allow you to make your edits. 


If you begin a submission but still need to complete and submit it fully, you can go back and pick up where you left off. When the contribution status shows as 'Submission Started' on the main 'Contributions Dashboard,' select the ellipses under the 'Action' heading in the History section of the main Contributions screen. The allowable actions are:

  • Resume - From where you left off.
  • Restart - From the beginning.
  • Cancel - Removes the submission completely and allows you to re-submit.


How Do I Cancel A Contribution Submission?

You can cancel contributions from the main contribution screen when the status shows 'Processing'. Select the ellipses under the 'Action' heading, then select 'Cancel'. 

You can also cancel contributions when the status shows 'Submission Started.' 


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