Onboarding Task Tracker For Advisors

Whenever you onboard a new plan you must complete the advisor portion of the onboarding task tracker. 

Once you have completed all of the advisor steps, your client will receive an onboarding email invitation to begin their onboarding process.

These steps are broken down into three sections, outlined below. 

Investments and Fees

In the investment and fees section, you will be able to answer about the plan you'd like to onboard. These questions cover:

  • Company Name
  • Plan Tier
  • Conversion or New Plan
  • Prior Provider (For Conversion Plans)
  • Investment Product
  • Plan Design
  • Any Additional Comments you wish to provide


You will also set up our advisor fee and provide Vestwell with your banking information to receive fee payments. 

Sponsor Registration

You will provide Vestwell with the name and email of your plan sponsor when you are ready to activate your client. 


TPA Information

In this section, you will designate who the TPA for the plan will be by choosing from the drop-down elections. 

Assist Plan Sponsor

Finally, clicking the assist plan sponsor button will temporary link you to the plan sponsor's account and allow you to assist with the company onboarding process.