Viewing The Status Of A Previous Submission

If you want to view contributions you have previously submitted, you may do so at any time at the bottom of the Contributions dashboard.

Contribution History

To view the status of a previous submission, scroll down to the History section of the Contributions page. 


You can change your view by filtering based on timeframe, type of contribution, and, where applicable, Pay Group.

The Time Period drop-down filters by:

  • Last 30-days.
  • Last 90-days.
  • Year to date. 
  • Past years.

The Transaction Type drop-down filters by the type of submission:

  • All Transactions.
  • Contributions.
  • Off-Cycle.

The Pay Group drop-down is available only on plans with two or more pay groups and filters by the pay group of the submission: 

  • All Pay Groups. 
  • Each Pay Group.

There are four Status options for a contribution submission:

  • “Submission Started" - You have not fully submitted your contribution.
  • "Processing" - You have confirmed the request, but it has not yet been fully processed.
  • "Missing" - A contribution is considered missing when it is seven business days past due.
  • "Completed" - A contribution has been fully processed. 

Select a contribution date from the Transactions list to view more details about a specific submission.

Once a date is selected, you will see the submission details. The details will vary depending on the status of the submission.   


Submission Started Status

For contributions in a "Submission Started" status, you may Resume, Restart, or Cancel the submission.


The Contribution Details on this view will display the contributing participants and their contribution types and amounts for that specific contribution date. The bottom of the screen also shows the Summary of the imputed contributions. 

The Contribution Summary breaks down the data from the file to show the total values of the following:

  • Contributing Employees: Total number of employees contributing to their 401K account

  • Employee Contribution: Total dollar amount of all employee contributions in the submission.

  • Company Contribution: Total dollar amount of any Employer contributions such as Employer Match, Profit Sharing, etc. (if applicable).

  • Loan Repayment: Total dollar amount of loan repayments on the contribution submission.


Processing - Submission Status

You may cancel a previously processed contribution as long as it is in the Processing status.


Contribution Adjustments

Occasionally, your contribution has errors that result in a contribution adjustment.  If that occurs, you'll be able to see all the contribution adjustments on the detail screen, as shown below.  

  • In the example below, the contribution file is an individual with a missing SSN and another with an improperly formatted SSN. 


To learn more about validations, errors, and contribution adjustments, please click here.

Missing - Submission Status

If a scheduled pay date is seven days overdue, its status will be reflected as missing. Select "Start Contribution" if you still need to process it. If you've processed this contribution as an Off-Cycle or there are no contributions for that pay date, select "Skip/Remove" to hide this contribution from view.


Delivered - Submission Status

Once the status shows as “Delivered,” you can no longer make any changes. You will be able to view any contribution adjustments that were taken and the contribution details. 


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