Payroll Setup

The third section of the Task Tracker is the Payroll Setup Section. 

The information collected in this section of the Task Tracker is used to:

  1. Connect your payroll provider with Vestwell.
  2. Configure the right level of payroll integration, depending in which provider you use.
  3. Setup pay groups.
  4. Create a pay schedule, so we know when to expect payroll data from you.

Payroll Setup Section Video Walkthrough

Click here for more information on processing payroll, payroll integrations, and your ongoing responsibilities

Payroll System

Submit your payroll information. Select your payroll system from the drop-down menu. If you do not have an external payroll system, please select ‘No Payroll Provider/In House’.


Click Save and Continue to move on to the next tab.

    • If you have more than one payroll system, please email
    • If you need help completing your task tracker from your payroll administrator, you may invite them to have access to the task tracker.

Pay Schedule

Enter how often employees are paid using the drop-down menu. If employees are paid from different bank accounts and / or on different days select ‘Add Another Pay Schedule’ and label them accordingly.


Click Save and Continue to move on to the next tab. 

Payroll Contact Information

Enter the payroll contact information. This can be the signer, someone from your business who works in an administrative capacity, or someone from your payroll provider. Information needed is first name, last name and phone number.


Click Save and Continue to move on to the next section, 'Payment Setup'.

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