Overview of Contributions

Depending on your Payroll System, you will submit your Contributions in one of the following ways:

  • Default Contributions Upload Template - a generic spreadsheet template designed to make it easy to submit contributions in mass via an upload.  
  • Custom Contributions Upload Template - like the Default Template but without having to manually manipulate any data. Instead, you will simply be able to download a report from your payroll system and upload it into the Contributions tool.
  • 180 Integration - once you authorize your payroll system to share information with Vestwell, you, the plan sponsor will not have to upload data into the Contributions tool.  The payroll company will automatically provide the necessary data to Vestwell whenever you run payroll.  
  • 360 Integration - includes everything that 180 integration includes with the additional benefit of Vestwell being able to automatically update employee deduction settings directly on the sponsor’s payroll system.

If you have any questions please reach out to clientsuccess@vestwell.com

Note: If you are using the Default Upload Template and your payroll system provides the required data fields denoted below in a downloadable excel or csv file (or files), please contact us at payrollintegration@vestwell.com ASAP.  In this email please provide the name and email address of your primary contact at your payroll system. This will allow us to work with them to build a custom template for your specific payroll system.  This will mean that you will be able to download the report(s) from your payroll system and upload them directly into the Contribution tools without having to open and/or reformat the report in any way.