My Loan Submission Requires a Validation Document. What Should I Provide?

If your loan account submission requires a validation document to be included in your submission, the validation document must include the following details:

  • Full Borrower Name (just first name is not acceptable)
    • The name on the document must also match what is entered in the "Name on Loan" field
  • Account Number (at least last four digits)
  • Loan Servicer Name
  • Loan Type (Private, Refi, Consolidation, Stafford, Perkins, etc.)

Types of documents that typically work: 

  • Billing statements
  • Loan validation documents provided by the servicer
  • Loan servicer online account screenshots

We recommend not using 1098-E tax documents, as student loan type is typically not listed.

The validation document must be an official document provided by the loan servicer or a screenshot from an online account with the loan servicer and contain ALL required information within one file. We do not accept multiple documents or screenshots.

How To Fix Invalidated Match Submission Documentation

If the match documentation you submitted to your Gradifi account was not validated, you will receive an email notification from our team; the email's sender will be The email notification will note the reason for invalidation for your review. 

Common reasons for a loan to be invalidated:

  • The document submitted shows a scheduled or pending payment.
    • Match documentation must show a complete and posted payment.
  • Payment amount or date invalid.
    • The payment amount and date of payment you enter on the website when submitting your match documentation must match precisely with the information included on the document.
  • The document is missing the required information.
    • To be validated, your match document must contain at least the last 4 digits of your loan account number, the date the payment was made, and the payment amount.

Gradifi Student Loan Validation Document.png